img_0199 Hey Everyone! My name is Suhad and I am 17 years old. I am currently a senior in high school. I’m from Georgia, so I’m a born and raised southern gal. I love everything about the south and how homey and comforting it is. The people down here are definitely the best part. I’ve always loved the idea of starting a blog and writing about my life. My friends always ask me about my beauty routine or what products I use, so I am always giving out advice. I also spend a lot of time crafting and searching pinterest for new ideas. I decided why not put it all in one place? I finally decided to sit down and start my blog.

When I was little i was that girl who went through their mother’s makeup collection and put it all over their face.(she was not very happy about it) Growing up I loved wearing lip gloss and wearing pink nail polish. As I grew older my love for beauty and makeup grew, and I found that it is such an amazing way to express myself. I hope you all can take something away from my site even if it’s just a smile!:)

Besides beauty, I love to cook. I love creating new recipes and find new foods to try out online. Recently I have been on a huge health kick. I’ve been experimenting with superfoods and have been juicing like crazy! I probably get more excited about food trends then makeup trends not going to lie. Check back for my newest recipes and concoctions!

I hope you can take something away from my blog. I can’t wait to share my favorites with yall!