Ombre Glitter Design for Short Nails

If you are like me your long nails are a part of you, and when they break it’s a little heart breaking. This week I had to cut all of my nails down to a very short length. After I was done mourning the loss of my long nails, I thought about how this is a  perfect opportunity to do some short nail designs! Here is my tutorial on a glitter ombre manicure.

I prefer to have the “squoval” nail shape, but since I had to cut them so short I decided to round them off.

Essie Nail Polish in “Ballet Slippers” and “A Cut Above”

I started off by using my O.P.I Nail Envy as a base coat since my nails need a little help right now. Then I applied three coats of Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” making sure to wait for it to dry thoroughly in between coats.

Finally I used a cosmetic sponge and the Essie Lux Effects in “A Cut Above” to create the ombre. To achieve the ombre effect I painted the sponge with the glitter polish then gently dabbed it onto my nail. Applying it to the cosmetic sponge first will help soak up the clear polish so you are just left with glitter and not a million layers of nail polish that will never dry.


To get a perfect ombre focus on the tip of your nail then slowly move up towards your nail bed. I finished off with a fast drying shiny topcoat to smooth out all the layers and make my mani last longer.


(I didn’t realize how hard it is to get glitter to show up on camera. I hope I got good enough pictures for you guys. Also an old man walked by as I was trying to take a picture of my hand, and he probably thought i was crazy. haha)

I hope you guys found this supppeerr simple nail tutorial helpful! If you guys want more intricate nail designs or nail art let me now!

Talk to ya’ll later ❤


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