New Revlon Kiss Balms

Revlon recently released their new “Kiss Balms”. I’m assuming that this is their answer to the Maybelline “Baby Lips” although the Baby Lips have been out for a number of years. I am an avid Baby Lips user, so I was excited to see how these Revlon Kiss Balms would compare.

I have no idea why I get so excited about drugstore lip balm releases. I think it is some sort of nostalgia. When I was little, I had a huge collection of those Smackers lip balms, and I guess my obsession started there. My first real experience with makeup was with the Baby Lips in the 5th grade. I literally pretended I was wearing lipstick haha. Since then, they have been a staple. Long side note aside here is what I think about the Revlon Kiss balms.

These lip balms come in chubby stick style packaging which is pretty cute. The color and design of the packaging corresponds with the flavor which is also cute. I picked up two flavors, Tropical Coconut and Sweet Cherry. The coconut shade is a clear balm and the cherry has a pink tint. The pink cherry shade is my perfect sheer pink. It is super pretty and the color brings life into your lips. You can build the shade up a little for a slightly more pigmented pink. I love this color.

I actually really like the formula on these Kiss balms. They have a super moisturising texture. When you apply the balm to your lips, the tip of the balm gets a little melty and it easily slides across your lips. With that being said this isn’t your balm if you are looking for something that will last a long time on your lips. I found that it wears off in about 2 hours. I kept the tropical coconut shade in my bag and had to frequently reply. They feel really good on your lips, but if you are looking for something with medicinal properties you are better off with Nivea. Being a lip balm junky I like for my lip balms to be something I can frequently apply. If i need some extra help with cracked lips, I put on healing lip balm before bed.

The one slight turn off for me is the price. Each kiss balm retails for about $5. I bought mine on a buy one get one half off deal but still. I don’t think there is enough product in the tube or enough longevity in the formula to justify the $5 price tag. For reference the Maybelline Baby Lips are usually around $3 or less. It’s hard to justify why you should pay $2 more for the Kiss Balms. In the Baby Lips vs. Kiss Balm war I almost want to say that Baby Lips win for their price.

I do really like this product, and I’m glad that Revlon is dipping their toes into drugstore lip balms. It’s a fun throw in you purse balm thats moisturising and gives a nice tint to the lips. Would I buy them again? Yeah probably.(if there on sale)

I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Have you found these lip balms in you stores yet? What do you think? Let me know!

❤ Talk to you all later.

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