Soap and Glory Haul

Hi guys! My Walgreens’s beauty section was recently completely renovated. They have added a few slightly “higher end” brands, and it is beginning to take a toll on my wallet. They added Soap and Glory and No7 displays and I had to help myself. I picked up a few things from Soap and Glory and I’m excited to tell you all what I think.

I have heard of Soap and Glory before and have tried a few of their skin care products. (side note: I love their Righteous Butter so moisturizing!). I had no idea they had added makeup to their lineup! I bought a mascara, blush, lipgloss, and a hand cream.

Sexy Mother Plumping Lip Gloss: With “Plumping” in the title, I expect that minty, tingly feeling. Let me tell you, thats exactly what I got. This gloss is so gloriously tingly, it feels like someone is tapping on my lips. My lips looked SO juicy and plump after using this. The gloss has a VERY sweet scent. It smells like vanilla frosting and the scent definitely lingers. I was wearing it and my friend next to me could smell it. I’m not bothered by sweet products, so I don’t mind it. I bought this gloss in the darkest shade “Plums Up” and it still wasn’t what I consider to be an opaque gloss. I would recommend using this as a layering gloss. It does have  shimmer in it so I would also be aware of that. Overall, I really liked this product because I love how it feels and makes my lips look. Although, I can see how it can be hit or miss for many people especially if you don’t like sweet scents and tingly glosses. I purchased mine for $9

Soap and Glory Blush in “Peach Party”

Peach Party Multi-Color Blush Brick: First of all, the Soap and Glory packaging is adorable and so fun. They really know how to suck you in. This blush is no exception. Just look at it. Is that not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  I was probably the most excited about this product. It reminds me of the Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick and the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips. With that being said, I have no idea how they market this as a blush. IT IS A GLITTER BOMB. It is soooo shimmery. The only strip that gives off enough remotely enough pigmentation to be a blush is the darkest strip. You would have to anchor your brush into that tiny strip, and you are still left with super glittery orange cheeks.

I would call this a highlighter. The best way to use it is to dip a highlighter brush into the sections or swirl it around for a shimmery, peachy highlight. It’s even a little sparklier than a highlighter I would normally use. It’s so pretty that I want to justify using it, but I just don’t see how you would use this as a blush. It does make for a flashy highlighter though! I purchased mine for $15


Thick and Fast HD Mascara: Soap and Glory makes 3 versions of their “Thick and Fast” mascara. I chose the High Definition version because it seemed the most unique of the 3. The brush is supposed to be more curved on one side and flatter on the other side. I think it looks pretty much the same on both sides. The thing thats kind of annoying is the relatively large space in between the bristles. The wand gives volume but it’s hard to get my lashes separated like i want them.  The formula is on the wetter side. I wore it all day and it didn’t flake or smudge which is a plus. It lengthened and volumized my lashes, but it’s still not anything super special. Overall it is a pretty basic mascara nothing life changing but not the worst either. I purchased mine for $14

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream: Soap and Glory really knows what they are doing when it comes to skincare. I have dry skin and their body butters are amazing. This hand cream did not disappoint either. I always keep a hand cream with me and this is my new favorite. It is so thick and creamy. It has a wonderful whipped texture and isn’t greasy but still moisturizing. The cream also smells phenomenal. This hand cream is must have especially in the drier months. It is a winter staple and has found a spot in my handbag. I highly recommend it. I purchased mine for $4

I had a blast trying out all this Soap and Glory makeup. The lipgloss was my favorite of the bunch and I will be repurchasing it. I want to try out the XXL plumper squeeze tube gloss I saw on the display. The hand cream just proved how you can never go wrong with their Bath and Body line and is a new favorite. Even though I had a few misses it’s always fun trying out new makeup!

Have you tried Soap and Glory makeup? What did you think let me know what you thought!

Talk to you all later ❤


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